Common Mistakes 22 (看你犯了这样的错误没有?)

Chinese Style        I am going to watch the cinema tonight.
American Style        I am going to a movie tonight.
Chinese Style        My son will marry next month.
American Style        My son will get married next month.
Chinese Style        My sister is going to marry with a doctor.
American Style        My sister is going to marry a doctor.
Chinese Style        You can sit my next seat.
American Style        You can sit next to me.
Chinese Style        I think you cheat me !
American Style        I think you are lying to me !

Chinese Style        My head is sick.
American Style        I have a headache.
Chinese Style        Which team you support hah.
American Style        Which team do you root for.
Chinese Style        This is my older brother.
American Style        This is my elder brother.
Chinese Style        Thanks to see me.
American Style        Thanks for dropping by. ( coming ).
Chinese Style        Where are you come from ?
American Style        Where do you come from ?
Chinese Style        I want to reduce my weight.
American Style        I want to lose weight.

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