Ordering Lunch 订午餐

Karl: Do you have time to stop for lunch?

Ann: Yes, I'm hungry. This restaurant has a good selection and the prices are moderate.

Karl: That sounds fine with me. Let's try it.

Ann: Where do you want to sit, the smoking or the nonsmoking section?

Karl: I prefer nonsmoking, but the sign says to wait to be seated.

Hostess: Good afternoon. How many are in your party?

Ann: Just two and we'd like a booth in the nonsmoking section, if you have one.

Hostess: Right this way. Follow me. Will this booth be all right?

Karl: The one by the window would be better, thanks.

Ann: No problem. Here are your menus. Your server will be right with you.

Server: Hello, my name is Chris, and I'm your server today. May I bring you something to begin with, a drink or some appetizers perhaps?

Karl: No appetizer for me. I'll have a glass of water for now.

Ann: I'd like an iced tea, decaffeinated or herbal. What flavors do you have?

Server: We have mint, peach, or raspberry.

Ann: Bring me a large mint, please.

Server: Will that be all, or are you ready to order?

Karl: I'm ready. I'll have the veggie sandwich on whole wheat. Hold the mayonnaise, please.

Server: That comes with your choice of soup or a salad.

Karl: What soups do you have?

Server: We have potato, bean, vegetable beef, or cream of broccoli.

Karl: Does the potato soup have pork in it?

Server: Yes, it has pieces of ham.

Karl: Well, then I'll have the cream of broccoli.

Ann: I'd like a hamburger on a sour dough bun with plenty of onions, please.

Sever: How do you want your burger cooked, medium, or well done?

Ann: Medium will be fine, thanks.

Server: The burger comes with your choice of cole slaw or fries.

Ann: Make it fries, and please bring ketchup with them.

Server: Will that be all?

Karl: I think so. Please bring us the check when you return with our food. We're pressed for time

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