Common Phrases

· I am always punctual. 我总是很准时;Don’t be so modest .别谦虚了;I am flattered. 过奖了

· I am on your side .我支持你;Well, it depends. 噢, 这得看情况;It is up in the air. 悬而未决

· That is the latest fashion. 这是最流行的款式;He always talks big. 他总是吹牛。

· So far so good 目前为止,一切都好;Let’s get to the point 来谈要点吧!

· For the old time sake. 看在旧日关系的面子上;Let’s forgive and forget. 尽弃前嫌。

· Knock it off. 少来这一套;A close call. 太危险了/千钧一发;Neck and neck. 不分上下

· It is cool很棒; It is neat太酷了; It is righteous酷毙了! Righteous比较少用

· That will be the day. 有这么一天就好了;I am having a swell time. 我玩得很开心

· If I were in your shoes…如果我是你的话…;It is out of the question. 这是不可能的

· He passed out. 他已经昏倒了!;Not a sound was heard 没有一点声音

· Don’t panic. 不要慌!

· It is a lot of junks. 这都是一些鬼东西;Over my dead body! 休想!I decline! 我拒绝

· I got a big kick out of it. 这件事真令我开心;Don’t try to brainwash me.别想给我洗脑

· Don’t chicken out,Be a man. 不要退缩了;You can count on us. 你可以信赖我们。

· His words carry a lot of weight 他的话很有份量;My mouth is watering. 我流口水了

· Don’t dream away your time 别虚度光阴;Cheer up. 振作起来

· You are a chicken你是个胆小鬼

· It is nothing to be surprised about 这事不值得大惊小怪;What a good deal! 真便宜

· In a word,I am tired of everything 总之,我对一切都很厌倦

· You asked for it 你自讨苦吃

· God helps those who he1p themselves 上帝帮助那些自己帮自己的人

· You set me up! 你出卖我

· The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself 人贵有自知之明

· Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise 塞翁失马,安知非福

· I don’t think much of the movie 那电影不怎么样;Fasten your seat belt 系好你的安全带

· I have a nice sum of money put away 我存了一大笔钱;Don’t trust to chance 别碰运气

· I just keep my head above water (生活)还凑合!I have the right to know我有权知道

· He stands out in the crowd. 他在人群中特显眼;He may show up soon. 他马上就回来。

· you can eat and drink your fill. 你可以尽情的吃,尽情的喝

· I sobbed sadly. 我伤心的抽泣着

· Work fascinates me.I can look at it for hours. 工作好有意思,尤其是看着别人工作。

· The movie is going over big everywhere in China 这部电影在中国大受欢迎

· Money is not everything.There´s Mastercard and Visa钱不是万能的,有时还需信用卡

· Beyond all questions you are right 毫无疑问,你是对的;Clothes make the man人要衣装

· Opportunity knocks but once. 机不可失,时不再来;He lacks courage. 他缺乏勇气。

· I´m not good at speaking off the cuff 我不擅长即兴演讲;One of these years猴年马月

· Shake a leg, or you´ll miss it. 快点,否则赶不上了;I´ve had it with him. 我受够他了

· His performance of LI BAI is top-notch. 他扮演的李白特别出色;I´ll buy it. 我赞成。

· I share your enthusiasm 谢谢关心(不耐烦的);Could you fill in for him? 你能代替他吗?

· The explanation made no sense. 这解释莫名其妙;It´s on me this time. 这次我请客。

· I just do it by rule of thumb 我凭经验做的;I fast a day every week. 我每周绝食一天

· It´s full of hot air. 这是雷声大雨点小;He always goofs off. 他总是糊里糊涂。

· I am up to my ears in work. 我忙的不可开交;It´s on the house. 这是免费的。
· You should give him a piece of your mind 你该向他表达你的不满

· green hand 没有经验的人

· Can you give me a lift? 载我一程好吗?; I am an exam jitter 我一考试就紧张

· Let´s go Dutch. 各付各的;This is in way over my head. 对我而言这实在太难了。

· Who but he would do such a thing? 除了他谁会做这种事?

· Wishful thinking 一厢情愿的想法

· His argument doesn´t hold water. 他的论点站不住脚;I have a runny nose.我流鼻涕。

· Great minds think alike 英雄所见略同;Being criticized is awful 被人批评真痛苦

· One should love animals. They are so tasty. 每个人都应该热爱动物,因为它们很好吃。

· I´m glad I kept my fingers crossed. 我很高兴一直都这么幸运。

· He is an operator. 他是个老油条。Don´t get on my nerves! 不要搅得我心烦

· Let´s find a happy medium. 我们还是找一个折衷的办法

· It really turns me on. 这令我兴奋。

· I think you’ve put your finger on it 你说到点子上了;Painting the town red 狂欢

· You´ve jumped on the bandwagon. 随大流;I´m really in a bind. 我左右为难。

· They´re selling like hot cakes 这些都很畅销;You´re laying it on thick. 你过奖了

· The price makes my hair stand on end. 那价钱把我吓了一跳。

· He is now in the soup. 他现在糟糕了。I´m on the WAGON(马车,车). 我戒酒了。

· This is beyond comparison. 无与伦比;Tom always gets cold feet. 汤姆总是裹足不前。

· Get over yourself. 别自以为是;I´m fed up. 我厌倦了;I´ll see to it 我会留意的

· He got under the boss´s skin. 他惹恼了老板;Don´t go to pieces. 不要着急

· I´ll stand on my own two feet. 一人做事一人当。

· I´ll try to smooth things over. 我会妥善处理;Still water runs deep 大智若愚

· It is a hard nut to crack. 这是一件棘手的事情;I´m mad about Bruce Lee. 我迷死李小龙了

· Get out of my face. 从我面前消失!You piss me off. 你气死我了。

· you have given it your best shot,anyway! 不管怎样,你已经尽力了;Cut it out. 省省吧。

· You´ve gone too far! 你太过分了!I can´t take it anymore. 我受不了了!

· Don´t nag me! 别在我面前唠叨!I feel terrible! 我觉得遭透了!I guess so! 我想是吧!

· That´s the stupidest thing I´ve ever heard! 那是我听到的最愚蠢的事!(比尔·盖茨常用)

· Don’t give me a song and dance! 不要找借口;I’m sick of it. 我都腻了。

· I’ll put everything in black and white! 我会把所有事情白纸黑字写清楚。

· I know Jerry puts her down 我知道杰瑞看不起她

· Tom is nobody’s fool! 汤姆是个很聪明的人。

· He is a fast talker. 他老是说得天花乱坠;That will be the day. 有这么一天就好了。

· Give me a break! 你饶了我吧!(开玩笑的话

· Don’t give me a hard time! 别跟我过不去好不好!

· I have a sweet tooth. 我喜欢吃甜食;I don’t like splitting hairs. 我不爱斤斤计较

· Don’t sell yourself short 别看轻自己;Try to have a mind of your own 做有主见的人

· It slipped my mind. 我忘了;You have my word. 我保证;It’s a hit. 这件事很受人欢迎。

· Everything would have all right if you hadn’t said that 假如你没那样说,一切都好办

· That’s always the case. 习以为常了;You’ve got a point there. 你说得挺有道理的。

· You’d better wise up.放聪明点;It’s up to you.由你决定;Suit me fine!太适合我了!

· He always talks big. 他总是吹牛;She had a bad cold. 她患了重感冒

· My treat.我请客。

· a knock out(俚)美得让人倾倒;a short fuse(俚)脾气火爆;Watch out!(口)当心!

· Patience is a mark of confidence.耐心是自信心的一种表现。

· You owe me one.你欠我一个人情。As soon as possible! 越快越好!

· Patience is a mark of confidence.耐心是自信心的一种表现。

· once in a blue moon稀罕;two left feet笨手笨脚;stop and smell the roses享受生活。

· What is worth doing is worth doing well.只要你觉得某事值得去做,就一定要把它做好。

· Early rising makes for good health.早起有助于身体健康。

· It rained at intervals this month.这个月不时地下雨。

· This movie is realistic.I don’t care for it very much.这部电影是写实的,我不太喜欢。

· A day is a miniature of eternity.(Emerson)一天是永恒的缩影(爱默生)

· Your future depends on your dreams. So go to sleep. 现在的梦想决定你的将来, 所以还是再睡会儿吧。

· Maybe I could run some errands for you.也许我能为你做些什么。

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