Apartment Hunting 租房

Bill is looking for a new apartment. He just moved to a new city in order to start studying at a university. He is at a Rental Agency in the new city. 
比尔在找一个新公寓,他才来到一个新城市读大学,这是他在一家租房中介的对话 。
Agent: Hi! Welcome to Rental Property Management. How may I help you?
Bill: Hi, yes. I'm interested in renting a two-bedroom apartment.
Agent: Okay. If you have a seat, one of our rental agents will be with you in a moment.
Bill: Thank you.
Associate: Hi, my name is Ann Smith.
Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Harrington.
Ann: Hi, Mr. Harrington. So that we will be able to match your needs better, I would like to ask you a few questions before I show you what we have available. First, what price range were you interested in?
Bill: Somewhere between $400-$450 a month.
Ann: Okay. Did you have a specific location in mind?
Bill: Well, I would like to live somewhere near the university. Or at least on a bus line.
Ann: And when would you like to move in?
Bill: On the first of the month.
Ann: Okay. Are there any other amenities which you would like to have? For example, a dishwasher, a balcony, a swimming pool or central air conditioning?
Bill: I would definitely like to have a dishwasher, and with summers like these, central air! A balcony is not that important. Oh, yes, and two bathrooms would be nice.
Ann: Okay. Here are photos of the apartments we have available which fit your preferences.
Bill: Thank you. This one on Broadway Avenue looks nice. I would like to see that one. And the one on Main Street.
Ann: Sure. Let me get the keys and we will go look at them. If you choose to rent one of them, we will need a damage deposit of $250. You will be responsible for all the utilities. You can sign a lease today, if you like.
Bill: Great! Thank you.

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